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About this Blog

Hello! My name is Amy and this is my blog. I do not know the exact direction this blog will take, but I am writing for those who are seeking to live fully, freely, and wholly Рspirit, soul, and body. I walk not as one who has figured it out, but one who is daily clinging to Grace, so that Truth only remains. I seek wholeness not in myself, but in the Living One whose words called me into being, whose hands fashioned me intricately and intentionally, and whose love rescued me from a purposeless life. My desire is for this to be a place of inspiration, discovery, and renewal, as Life Himself is revealed in the sacred, mundane, and everything in between. All are welcome to join me on this journey  and to share your experiences, thoughts, and needs. This is a safe place Рa shame-free zone Рwhere you can be you Рsimply beloved.

About Me

I am a native of Austin, Texas, who recently moved to Charlottesville, Virginia with my most-patient-man-alive-husband and our three littles (who are born very close together). In addition to making GAPS-friendly food for my littles with food allergies and trying to keep us all alive, I sell real estate and work with my husband to grow our grow our online tea business. After spending years in survival mode, I am now enjoying a time of stability and peace, and learning what it means to live from a place of rest and not striving. My favorite things are drinking tea in front of the fireplace with my beloved, watching these three little souls that I helped make learn to love, grow, and work, and planning my next house project/remodel/adventure (see above description of husband as the most patient man alive {wink}). I live for transformation and impossible situations.

Thanks for joining me,